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17th September 2012 – UPDATE ON OUR NEWS @ HHCU

I just can’t tell you how busy we have been – I have been in animal welfare for the last 30 years, and I honestly can’t ever remember being so inundated with cruelty complaints, confiscated horses, court cases, and special projects.   I would dearly like to have the time to explain every single detail so that people can see what life is like here, and what we do, but I honestly don’t have the time.  Instead, I will update with a short post, and as many photos as I can upload.



An amazing international organisation, WORLD HORSE WELFARE (UK) has joined forces with us to make a difference in Lesotho.  We are so grateful – they have helped to ease the financial burden, and their international experience will be a huge help to us.

Our Inspector Solly, fieldworker Samson, and Dr Genine Rabie, a veterinarian who volunteered to assist us on this last trip to Lesotho, spent 10 days in the country, and attended to many issues – some heartbreaking, some heartwarming.  Winter has been hard in Lesotho, and it has impacted on the animals in the pound – most of the horses in Mokotlong Pound that we saw on our last trip had died of starvation or hypothermia.  Devastating.  There were animals that were suffering badly at the time of our inspection, but our vet was refused permission to put them out of their misery. This is something that we WILL change.  We will.

We gave much-needed fodder to the animals in the pound, provided vet and medical attention where necessary, and cleaned one of the pounds out completely of old rocks and carcasses, to enable the animals to reach the water.  Some of the Lesotho children jumped in to help, bless them…. zero degrees and no shoes or jackets.

We also, as we travelled from pound to pound, interacted with the local horse owners and provided assistance and education wherever we could.  They are so grateful for any little assistance that they receive.

More photos to follow shortly.


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Caring for equines is a costly operation, as any horse owner knows! It costs us over a thousand ZA Rand a month to keep one horse at the Unit. It is not possible for us to keep horses on a permanent basis - we would love to be a retirement center - but we have to spend our precious funds where they are needed most, and that is to bring in needy cases, rehabilitate, and re- home!
We cannot do this without your donations.


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