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Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit

The Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit falls under the management of the Highveld Horse Care Unit, and is run by Megan Hope. The Unit was opened mid 2005 in response to the plight of the many working horses and donkeys in the Eastern Cape.

Megan is doing a great job, and is welcomed into the townships to assist the owners in all aspects of donkey and horse management!

You can contact Megan here:
email:  mrhope@mweb.co.za
landline: 041 3661 594
cell: 072 357 2505

You can donate directly into their account here:

Eastern Cape Horse Care Unit
Racing Association, National Horse Trust
Standard Bank, North End
Branch Code: 05021700
Acccount No: 080563473


Donate International

Caring for equines is a costly operation, as any horse owner knows! It costs us over a thousand ZA Rand a month to keep one horse at the Unit. It is not possible for us to keep horses on a permanent basis - we would love to be a retirement center - but we have to spend our precious funds where they are needed most, and that is to bring in needy cases, rehabilitate, and re- home!
We cannot do this without your donations.


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