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HHCU/WHW meets Lesotho Government Ministers

Solly and Bev spent two (hectic) days in Lesotho in order to meet Government Ministers who were in a position to help us change the dire situation for the impounded and government-owned animals.  Our application to the Government was well-received, and we were assured of full co operation from Governmental departments.  After the meeting, we were asked to go to the Royal Palace to meet King Letsie III – a charming and gracious man who told us that he appreciated our offer of assistance to the Government and that he would support our welfare initiatives.

We are now writing protocol and procedure  documents for the welfare of animals being kept by the Government, which will be put forward shortly to the Government for acceptance.

A wonderful boost to the whole Lesotho Project came from the Lesotho Pound Rescue Project, who are supporting the work that HHCU/WHW is doing in Lesotho, by obtaining a commitment of sponsorship from Pfizer Animal Health South Africa!   THANK YOU SO MUCH!


“This was my first trip to Lesotho, and although I have always fully supported the importance of our outreach work,  it was only when I saw the conditions that the animals were subjected to first-hand that I truly appreciated the stress that our clinic inspectors are under. It was a humbling experience.

Whilst there, we made the most of the opportunity of being in Lesotho by networking with various police officials and district administrators, as well as visiting Leribe and Tiyataneng Pounds and providing feed and medical treatment for those animals that required it.  We tried our best, but were unable to persuade either the police officials or the district administrators to permit us to humanely euthanase a cow that was close to death in Tiyataneng Pound.  We hope that once welfare protocols are accepted by the Government, this will be a thing of the past.

We also inspected individually-owned horses whenever we could, and assisted with de-worming and the replacement of donated tack/harnessing.  The Lesotho people in the villages were so interested in the work that we are doing, and very appreciative.  We even had the offer from one of the villagers volunteering for HHCU when we are out of the country!

We feel, for the first time, that there is HOPE for our Lesotho Project welfare protocols to be accepted and become sustainable. ”



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