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How can I help?

How you can helpHHCU Wishlist

Please go to our ONLINE SHOP and order one of these items if you’d like to sponsor!

Monthly Donations – no matter how small!

We need to bring in approximately R160,000 a month to keep the Unit running, and we work on a really tight budget….
We get no government funding. If every one of our supporters donated R20 or R50 a month via stop orders, we would have a guaranteed income that would enable us to budget for at least one clinic a month. As things are, we are only able to do this type of pro-active work when we have the funds available.

We need help with weekend market stalls, and fundraising events. From sweeping stalls to helping groom horses, donate your time by supporting the Unit!

Please email info@horsecare.org.za if you are able to donate your time!

 Veterinary accounts:
We don’t have our own vet – we can’t afford it. If we could afford to pay a vet for 3 days a month…… we could have hundreds of township stallions gelded, we could have a vet accompany us to court to be a witness in our courtcases, we could have our emergencies/serious injuries attended to immediately!

Our vehicles have all got a very high mileage. We do our best to keep them well maintained, but even this is probing very expensive, and we are putting off certain repairs in order to keep the animals at the Unit fed and cared for.

Block of 12 stables for Thoroughbreds out of Racing:
The increase in the number of thoroughbreds that we are having donated out of racing/training is phenomenal. We are pleased that these horses are not getting sold on to the general market – many of them have injuries or special needs that would leave them open to possible abuse and neglect. Our aim is to build a special block of 12 stables at the Unit to house these animals, where they can be kept separately from neglected and sick horses, and receive the special stabling and exercise requirements suitable for this breed.

Hay Roll Containers for Paddocks
In winter, we put out rolls of hay in the large paddocks for the horses in our care. Roughage is so important to emaciated horses, and ours need a constant supply. Unfortunately, a lot of hay is wasted unless it is put into a ‘hay saver’ – we would like to try to save as much as we can – we hate waste!

Beemer Blanket
We have seen the benefits of the Beemer Blanket and would love to have one to assist with the treatment of our hospital patients.

Zinc Sheeting
We urgently need to repair/replace stable roofs at the Unit – they are beyond patching up!

2000 doses of Broad-Spectrum De-wormer
This is how many animals we de-worm annually at our clinics for working horses and donkeys! Each animal on our books is de-wormed twice a year at least – and what a difference this has made to their condition!

Sponsorship of Castration of Stallions
We encounter many problems with in-breeding of horses and donkeys in rural and informal settlements, as well as serious injuries from stallions roaming and fighting. We have implemented a programme for ‘selective’ breeding, where only good, strong types of stallions are used for breeding, and the weaker, unsuitable types are castrated. It’s a long-term project, but we are already seeing the benefits. Last year we castrated almost 80 stallions – each gelding, which is carried out by a Veterinarian, costs an average of R800 – R1,200.

Servicing and Maintenance of our Vehicles and Horseboxes
Each year, we travel some 150,000 km’s – often to outlying areas where the bad roads take a toll on our vehicles and horseboxes. Our vehicles HAVE to be well-maintained to cope with this, and we are having difficulty in keeping up with the costs.

.Medical Supplies
Last year, we inspected 8,000 horses in the course of our work. Approximately 2,000 of these are working horses and donkeys, many of whom need medical attention that their owners cannot afford. We try to keep costs to a minimum, but our clinics use up a huge amount of our funding. We can’t let those animals down – they need us.

Second-hand Tack
We clean, repair, and exchange your donated second-hand tack and blankets to help working horses and donkeys. Whole harnesses can be made up from odd bits of leather – every donation is used. Your old numnah’s do a great job of protecting and cushioning sore backs from ill-fitting harnessing.
Items that cannot be used in the townships are put into our second-hand tack shop at the Unit, and sold. The tack shop brings us in a revenue of approximately R5,000 a month, which is a valuable contribution to our running costs.

Gum poles and electric tape for isolation/quarantine paddocks
We have 15 isolation paddocks at the Unit – the horses and donkeys that newly arrive at the Unit are put here initially to make sure that no contagious diseases are spread, and that worm infestations are contained. Once assessed, the animals go out to the larger pastures with a suitable group of horses.
15 paddocks are not enough – we have so many horses and donkeys coming in to the Unit that the existing paddocks are ‘overflowing’! Some months we get 60 animals in at the Unit.



Donate International

Caring for equines is a costly operation, as any horse owner knows! It costs us over a thousand ZA Rand a month to keep one horse at the Unit. It is not possible for us to keep horses on a permanent basis - we would love to be a retirement center - but we have to spend our precious funds where they are needed most, and that is to bring in needy cases, rehabilitate, and re- home!
We cannot do this without your donations.


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