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Kimberley Hackney Stud Recheck, Smasha Block Clinic


Bobbie went down to Kimberley to have a meeting with the Public Prosecutor to ensure that our court case against the Hackney Stud breeder and his assistant  is on track – apparently the PP is knowledgeable and experienced – good news!

She also rechecked the stud, and was happy to report a huge improvement.  No horses tied down, clean stables, and some repairs carried out.  The pregnant mare in the  yard behind the house on the property is looking good, and the whole area has been cleared up.  The horses and ponies are – and always have been – in a good condition physically.  We are still awaiting the outcome of the inquiry through the Hackney Society, and will continue with our court case for cruelty – no matter how things have improved, there must be an outcome for causing an animal so much pain, fear and distress.  We are pleased however that our intervention has improved life for the horses.


We are also continuing to investigate a case of alleged illegal horse slaughter in Kimberley – despite certain people in positions of authority in the area trying to make things difficult for us……. guys, if you are reading this, you are wasting your time – we don’t give up!


Solly and Samson are in Lesotho – some good news, some bad news, but I will give a full update when they return in the middle of this week.


Last week Trevor Mosia one of our Inspectors spent 5 days in Smasha Block.  In general, things have improved in many ways – the harnessing is much better, albeit repaired with odds and ends of unwanted tack from our supporters, and the donkeys health has improved as a result of our de-worming programme.  However, I am still saddened that after three years of working in this community, there are things happening that shouldn’t happen…. harness sores… whips (always confiscated by HHCU) and something in the donkeys’ demeanour that absolutely breaks me – drooping ears, legs braced to cope with the weight,  and a ‘dead’ eye.  Do you know what I mean? It’s just a  look that tells me that they are suffering, and that they have given up trying to fight it.

On a positive note, I had a meeting with a gentleman who not only loves donkeys, and is a horseman himself, but also works for a large international company that MAY be able to help us with funding for our donkey clinics.  We should hear shortly if we are successful – please keep fingers crossed.  If we could just make our presence felt there more often, we would make such a difference.  Quarterly clinics are the best that we can manage, and it’s just not enough.  In the meantime,  Trevor is trying to arrange an alliance with some young men in Smasha Block who are trying to organise the squatter camp, which has grown in leaps and bounds since we started working there.  If we can obtain their co operation, we will be able to organise educational sessions, driver training, cart construction, basic medical aid for the donkeys etc.  It will be a good move forward, and that is what we must keep our eye and focus on.


That’s all for now – will have lots to tell you about next week!  In the meantime, thank you for supporting us, thank you for caring, and thank you for loving our equines!

Smasha May 2012

booked off of work till our next visit





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