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Latest Lesotho trip – 25th May 2012

On this occasion, our staff spent just under two weeks in Lesotho, and managed to visit more pounds than before.  Solly and Samson took literally hundreds of photos whilst they were working, and to be quite honest, it is going to take some time for me to sort them all out into correct areas and dates -admin is not Solly’s best attribute!  I need 2 hours of his time, but he is busy assisting with the relocation of Soweto carthorses to Orange Farms and surrounding areas.

The photo’s that you will see below are from various pounds and police stations next to the pounds- we visited nine pounds in all.

There were some highlights in that water troughs have been installed as a result of our visits in some of the pounds, and fodder has been purchased.  Some meaningful and useful relationships are being forged with individuals in Lesotho that are going to benefit the horses and the conditions under which they are being kept.  Many of the police horses have improved in condition since we de-wormed them a number of weeks ago.

On the negative side, there were some injured and emaciated police horses that had not received any treatment or attention, and we were refused permission point blank to euthanase an old police horse on humane grounds.  We found out last week that she had died ‘of natural causes’.  We have a  long way to go, but we have made some improvements.

generally, the condition of the police horses had improved
water trough installed, but not yet connected to water supply
saddle sores on pound horses were treated by HHCU Inspectors
underweight, and in pain from a foot injury
this emaciated mare was of deep concern to us - old, and without teeth, she battled to survive.
we tried to stop this donkey - the buckets of water were too heavy
he collapsed before our staff could reach him.
the animals were cold and hungry - and grateful for the feed
little donkey gets a bit of love for swallowing his medicine!


Where are we going with Lesotho?
At times, we feel like we are getting nowhere fast – apart from the sheer numbers of animals involved, the whole issue is complicated by our not having any authority in Lesotho, and the negative attitudes of some of the people there. We remain hopeful that if we persevere, we WILL make the difference that is so desperately needed there.  We keep seeing small glimmers of light, and hope that it will lead us to improving the lives of the animals kept in the pounds in Lesotho. We really want to succeed in this – for the animals’ sake.

How much is this costing HHCU?
The last trip cost us in the region of R25,000.  We have more than enough equine welfare problems in SA – from a business/financial point of view, working in Lesotho is not a clever move for an organisation that already battles to keep it’s head above water.  We need help to maintain what we are doing in Lesotho, and are very hopeful that WORLD HORSE WELFARE will come onboard and assist us.  They have already generously allowed us to use their 4×4 vehicle which has made it possible for us to travel to outlying areas cut off from civilisation.

If you can help us in any way at all, please contact the office on 016 3609900/1


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Caring for equines is a costly operation, as any horse owner knows! It costs us over a thousand ZA Rand a month to keep one horse at the Unit. It is not possible for us to keep horses on a permanent basis - we would love to be a retirement center - but we have to spend our precious funds where they are needed most, and that is to bring in needy cases, rehabilitate, and re- home!
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